Dekofilm Polska Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1995

As a manufacturing and retail company specialized in the production of heat-shrinkable and stretch films for food packaging. Heat-shrinkable films can be made of PVC or polyolefin-based, available in standard and cross-linked versions.

Our main shareholder is Decofilm S.p.a., seated in North Italy, leader of the European market of heat-shrinkable films. Outside of the joint-venture established in Poland, the corporate group features manufacturing facilities in Romania and Russia. As a corporate group we are the unquestionable leader in the industry, offering established brands such as DECOTERM®, DECOLINE®DCL, DECOWRAP®.

Another significant advantage of ours is that we are associated with a company that distributes complementary goods: packaging devices and systems. This arrangement most certainly aids our business activities, which pleases our partners.

Decowrap rozciągliwa folia PVC do pakowania żywności

DECOLINE®DCL - multi purpose polyolefin film

DECOLINE®DCL is a multilayered, heat-shrinkable, polyolefin-based film. It can be used to pack food and industrial products.

poliolefina crosslink producent termokurczliwa

DECOLINE®DCL cross-linked - heat-shrinkable polyolefin film

DECOLINE®DCL cross-linked is a top quality polyolefin film. It can be used to pack food and industrial products. The cross-linking technology allows us to create exceptionally solid seams and increase the film’s resistance against mechanical damages. This film is perfect for automatic machines.

Decowrap rozciągliwa folia PVC do pakowania żywności

DECOWRAP® - PVC stretch film for food packaging

DECOWRAP® PVC stretch is used to pack a wide range of food products. DECOWRAP® is completely safe, free of substances that could transfer onto the packed product.

poliolefina producent polrekaw tasma

DECOTERM® - heat-shrinkable PVC film

DECOTERM® is a heat-shrinkable film, whose key ingredient is polyvinyl chloride (CH2=CHCl)n. It can be used for packing food and industrial products.

Dekofilm Polska Sp. z o.o.

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